‘Helping is more than donating money’


I’m glad finally Star Metro gave us a bit of press coverage here
‘Helping is more than donating money’ 🙂 I was nudging the journalist to talk with Chin Hor and Jochebed on that day and glad to read the fruit (though there was much more we told her I think *grin*)! Talking about wanting to do something is one thing, nothing is stopping us from actually doing it! That’s what I learnt. Thanks for the nudge from these two young people for a little milestone in my story and the BLC story for 2005.


RESEARCH assistant Jochebed Jayasooria and her friend Wong Chin Hor wanted to do more than just donate money to the tsunami victims and so they held a jumble sale to raise funds.

Jochebed, 22, said the Tsunami Aid Day event was to raise awareness about the calamity and also to get more people to contribute to the victims.

“We felt so helpless and we wanted to do something. Helping the victims is not all just about donating money, it’s more about spending your time and effort,” she said at the jumble sale held at Grace Methodist Church in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

Held from 9am to 3pm, it was jointly organised by the church and Bangsar Lutheran Church, which both Jochebed and Wong attend regularly.

Wong, 25, a film and video production freelancer, echoed Jochebed’s sentiment by saying that the jumble sale was evidence that the church members were willing to spend their time and effort for the victims.

“We only came up with the idea about a week ago and we were happy that everyone responded very fast to help out with the event.

“We managed to find sponsorship for everything here within the short period of time,” he said.

Segambut MP Datuk Dr Tan Kee Kwong launched the event.

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