Reflections from the Tsunami Aid Day

~ Carmen (BLC) holding a beautifully handmade card by the Sunday School of BLC which will be sent to the Tsunami victims.

Thanks to JJ Resources again … helping us not to forget how we started off the year. I like what Jo (I think) wrote here …

“As a result of the recently organized Tsunami Aid Day, it was good to see quite a few people journaling about their thoughts and reflections regarding the event. God has His creative ways of touching lives and inspiring people to react. …. Different hearts and lives were moved, but only one thing remains constant in those hearts – and that is God. In God, we find love, despite the struggles and in the midst of darkness, there is light.”

Sandwiched in between are the personal reflections of individuals that were there.

*update: I really agree with what’s said in this post “A tsunami every 25 days”

we have short attention spans and a taste for the dramatic. We should do everything within our power to help those in SE Asia right now – and we should continue to help for many years to come!

It would be sad if the Tsunami Aid Day just became an event we organized rather than a “memory” that will keep us “remembering” those who are affected and suffering in the long term.*


“All those participating in today’s event tried to do our “little bit” trusting it will make “a difference” for those in desperate need. For me, I pray that we would also recognize our own frailty.” (Rev. Sivin Kit, 2005)

“I found the Tsunami Aid Day to be very rewarding on a personal level. It was a quiet and very laid back sort of day for me and I got to reconnect with some good folks along the way.” (DB, Jan 2005)

“Listening to the singers crooning to their live acoustic accompaniments while walking in the drifting drizzle—it was magic.” (AL, Jan 2005)

“Seeing the two Malay ladies selling Nasi Lemak there was very touching. It makes me think that in the end perhaps we can all pull together in grace.” (DB, Jan 2005)

“When I put on this light blue ribbon today at the beginning of our effort the Tsunami Aid Day, it helped me in a symbolic way to “try to identify” with the victims who lost their lives, and many who are struggling to stay alive.” (Rev. Sivin Kit, Jan 2005)

“All in all I feel very fulfilled at the end of the day. Thanks God for showing us that it is rewarding to serve as you did…” (DB, Jan 2005)

“‘God is Love’. My prayer is that after all is said and done this message will shine brighter…in our personal lives and beyond.” (Rev. Sivin Kit, Jan 2005)

“In retrospect perhaps the rain was good in helping us to be more reflective. Too festive a mood might not have been appropriate. I think the rain was God’s way of reminding everyone throughout the event of what we’re there for.” (YK, Jan 2005)

“The year 2004 ended with such a dark gloom, it’s moments like the ones mentioned above (and I want to savour every bit possible) that allows the light to breakthrough the dark clouds after walking into the second week of 2005.” (Rev. Sivin Kit, Jan 2005)

“I think the rain is really God’s grace raining down on us that day. (MF, Jan 2005)”

“I took some time to look at the prayer board—a board with news clippings and photos put together, with an opportunity to reflect and pray. The destruction is unspeakable. I couldn’t articulate a prayer, so I just drew a squiggle that represented what I was feeling at the time—a single line crashing in from the left edge of the little yellow Post-It, spiraling around madly at the bottom of it, and then rising tentatively to the top.” (AL, Jan 2005)

“It was raining, and in a way the showers signaled a new beginning of sorts. Strange how water can at once be a blessing and a curse. Or maybe they’re all blessings; just we’ll never see it as the Maker does.” (BO, Jan 2005)

“In the periodic lulls of commerce, I found myself ruminating on the hardships we sellers had gone through to raise funds and awareness for the tsunami survivors and victims. It made me smile at the absurdity of comparison in sufferings.” (AL, Jan 2005)

“It was a great day and I really thank God for His guidance and such wonderful hearts that contributed.” (JJ, Jan 2005)

“Looking at the photos, I found myself wondering, what kind of water crumbles concrete buildings to the ground? For me and most Malaysians, who have until now zero experience of tsunamis, it’s quite unfathomable.” (AL, Jan 2005)

“Thanks God for providing. It was also very exciting to hear that over 13K was raised yesterday. My cup of fulfillment runneth over…” (DB, Jan 2005)

“It is better to give than to receive.” (AL, Jan 2005)


~ This one of the few times some one else catches me taking pictures .. (and Chin Hor caught me this time!)

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