Random Thoughts during Sunday Siesta

It’s just a reality, it’s hard for me to have a Sunday siesta properly. 🙂

I read “Robbery, the Rich, and the Children Are Watching” and was challenged to see how all our desire to bring Gareth and No.2 up in the Christian faith can work out in practice. The emphasis on the word practice.

Even though there’s a kind of “casual” & “comfortable” atmosphere in our Sunday Worship (and we value and appreciate that accept people as they are approach since we started the church), but then there are times I think we’ve lost that sense of awe and respect (which we find in more liturgical settings). I think we’ve stepped over the line when we treat our common time of worship as just another time like we’re hanging out in a coffee shop or playing with the kids at home (there’s a place for that). Maybe I’m aging or this is simply culturally unacceptable for me. What happened to the word “reverence”? — Maybe it was highlighted even more because our 1st time Japanese guest for 2005 came with a suite and tie. 🙂 sometimes, I feel we treat our time with our bosses with more respect then when we spend it in corporate worship with the Almighty. Why can’t I get this load off me that something is wrong with us when that happens?

I felt overloaded at least mentally the past week … there are 101 things on my mind. Cracks to be patched up. Gaps to be filled. Unfinished business to be settled. It was nice to have Gareth and May Chin at least begin the process of helping me sort some long overdue paper work last Friday. That was some nice weight lifted from my shoulders!

Tough decisions are hard to make. The human tendency is to be nice and not rock the boat. But, then again …dragging on unecessarily and remaining in a status quo will be even more “costly: in the long run and ultimately wasting precious time. So, even though being Mr. Nice Guy is very tempting, maybe it’s better to “do what it right” (and take responsibility for it). In preparing to make such hard choices, I find it best to get the best info available and walk through them in detail … after all is said and done, We still have to make a decision. Being paralysed with analysis is not the way to go, being unthinking is also not an option … so after all the hard work, one still has to “just do it”. (I’m just rambling here … not too sure whether it’s coherent – I do recognize it this seemingly contextless paragraph there’s a story behind it)

The only way I can survive is to re-engage into the contemplative way. It’s too easy to get sucked into ways that are damaging to the soul and mind (and the whole of human life).

The next step is actually continue to sort out some papers in my thinking room at the church premises and another step is to sort out the books and papers in my Study at home. Chinese New Year is coming in a couple of weeks time so Spring Cleaning is in order. The church AGM is next week so might as well… 🙂

Better start the process for my Mtheol program at least brainstroming some ideas and compiling my bibliography. Glanced through some thoughts by my theology teacher in seminary on Asian theology and was surprised to find some of the questions he raised in need of some work. let’s see what we can do, huh?

Ah … it’s been some time since I’ve done some random thoughts … i think it’s pretty random. Faith, family, ministry, study, church, denomination, self, etc. 101 things floating in my head and bubbling in my heart …. I think I need a siesta. I’ll try …

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