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I first heard of Godly Play by a veteran children’s worker and somehow was drawn to the phrase and the theology & methodology that comes with it. The UK Godly Play site has some good starter information and a cute lamb as well. I just finished the second meeting with those involved in our “ministry to children”. We’re stumbled and fumbled along the way the past few years.

Looks like I’ll plunge in myself to get things started once again. Lord, help me and please add extra strength and bring reinforcements!

The next step is to see how this Christian nurture emphasis can work out in families. One step at a time … baby steps even for a 32 year old like me who enjoys hanging out with children and tried teaching Gareth to walk slowly yesterday with some success. 🙂

I was delighted to pick up more than one new insight as I worked through parts of the book (e.g. the function of silence and the need for economy of words, and the need to pay attention to the sound and rhythm of my words). Insights that aren’t just for children but for all. I feel very humbled as I “wonder” through its pages and force myself to think in concrete terms. Good practice after so much of theological reading nowadays.

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