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The 25 most influential Evangelicals in America
A round of applause for Brian McLaren who’s at No. 17 (nice red shirt too!). I think most people will find one of their favorites there. How about the 25 most influential Evangelicals in Malaysia? Anyone from Malaysia want to start that ball rolling …. I’ll mention (with no numbers) –> Rev. Dr. Hwa Yung (who’s now Bishop of the Methodist church in Malaysia)for a starters … a bunch of us who are now serving as pastors graduated under the seminary he was principal and sat through his Christian Theology and Asian Theology classes. Anyone want to add on your choice?

Preaching To Create Spiritually Inclusive Worship
I was first introduced to Tim Keller through DJ Chuang’s website. This should be an interesting read … after D.A. Carson’s running critique of “emergent” in one of his talks he ended by mentioning Tim Keller as a good “reformed”-“evangelical” example of reaching a postmodern context. It’s coming to Chinese New Year soon, if it’s good food I’ll eat it. Tim Keller has some good dishes I’ve tasted 🙂
(both links above via DJ Chuang)

Forging A Good Critique
My critics should read this. And so do I.

Tsunami Aid Day
a good collection of pictures of that day and a reminder of a song that kept me going when I was in “fear and trembling” figuring out how to plant a church.

Quick survey of the blogosphere
I giggled when I read who he thought was Malaysia’s no.1 blogging-pastor.

A series on “The Hermeneutic of the Gospel” Part. 1, Part 2, Part 3 & Final Part
Quality stuff coming from Prodigal Kiwi Blog – which I waited for the final part before posting the links. Quality stuff coming out from New Zealand here.

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