Random Links 65

A Theology of “Play”
Yes yes yes to these words …
“… not only is it not a sin to have fun — but play may be just what today’s world needs to see us do!

Is ANYONE addressing the missional value of play? Maybe it’s time we do so.”

Bono: The Rolling Stone Interview
I watched parts of the Boston “elevation” tour on DVD again… I was still moved by the concert in some way. Especially with the “Hallelujahs!” during the closing credits. Here’s a sample of one of the questions and a response. Nice short and true..
How big an influence is the Bible on your songwriting? How much do you draw on its imagery, its ideas?
It sustains me.”

Response to Helm’s review of Franke
This makes me wonder how intelligent people can still misread authors who clearly state their positions (sure not in words that the reviewer prefers .. but then …). Makes me wonder … what’s at stake here?

Zondervan Bible Search (via Will Samson)
I’m REALLY enjoying the Scriptures more and more these days … of course, the challenge is always to sit down, slow down and plough in!

Missional Actualization
This one from Will himself …

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