Random Links 66

Thoughts on Foundationalism
I’m slowly getting a handle on this discussion šŸ™‚

Truth and objectivity
Indeed things are getting more complicated these days …
“I hope that it is clear that the relation between objectivity and truth is more complicated than it first appears. I also hope that it is clear that it is premature to read an author and assume that because he/she rejects some type of objectivity, he/she has committed him/herself to a rejection of truth. If a conservative evangelical wants to claim that a postconservative has given up on truth, the argument needs to be spelled out clearly.”

The Problem with Evangelical Theologies
Prof. Ben gives it a go … I’m concerned that the debris and weaknesses of such evangelical theologies are magnified in our Malaysian context šŸ™ Here’s two facinating samples .. to get our brain juices bubbling!
So, what is the problem with evangelical theology?
It has exegetical weaknesses that are not recognized or owned up to by the various evangelical Protestant strains of theology. That’s what it boils down to.


Perhaps in a postmodern culture—where image and story are more important than text and didactic argument—the Bible is more relevant than ever.

Exactly. In the 21st century, we’re moving increasingly in a postmodern direction. We have a new opportunity to re-engage the biblical text, which is trying to present word pictures and stories to a world that wants not just answers to its questions, but also its imagination fired up. That’s what this visual dimension of the text does.”

Exploring a Parallel Universe: Why does the word evangelical threaten so many people in our culture?
words of wisdom here by Yancey …
“Reflecting on our conversation, I remembered a remark by Lewis, who drew a distinction between communicating with a society that hears the gospel for the first time and one that has embraced and then largely rejected it. A person must court a virgin differently than a divorcée, said Lewis. One welcomes the charming words; the other needs a demonstration of love to overcome inbuilt skepticism.”

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