Random Thoughts after a long day


Had a wonderful time “listening” to my “brothers” whom I have been meeting monthly for sharing, learning and prayer. It was moving for me to hear their stories, their reflections, their sharing on how they perceive God’s work in thei lives in hindsight is especially full of insights. I found myself drawn in to their “worlds” and more than once it became a mirror to have a look at my own.

Today, Elysia gave me a delightful welcome with bubbles of energy and excitement. It took away some of my tiredness after getting through traffic and some rain! I can see how demanding taking care of a baby is – especially though my mom’s feedback and yet I can also see her love and care for baby E and the rewards of bonding with her grand daughter.

Last night I felt I had a special moment when I visited one of the LiFE Groups … the leader played a song Child of God (which has always been a personal favorite) and memories and images of Gareth being born and Elysia trying to exercise tugged me deeper into the Father heart of God. I need this kind of tug due to this “busy” season that has crept up on me lately (more like crashed in to me)

The post-worship Rehearsal prayer was good .. and I’m always nourished by the sharing of others whether it involves people connecting with God realities! In short … Grace!

A low or down moment was when I discovered … and only now discovered a missing item (probably stolen during the last break in) 🙁 OUCH! No amount of new gadgets coud replace that sense of loss for this particular item 🙁

I’m still WAITING for my Streamyx broadband line to get transfered – first they said it will take 24 hours (I was skeptical) then it was already one week not it’s two (someone told me it’s going to be two weeks) Worse is when no one picks up the phone when I call TM Point Petaling Jaya … and when I do get a directl line it took ages for any one to attend to me 🙁 Am I ranting here? I am surely complaining!

I am seriously considering switching to Jaring Perhaps it’s more like a return since my first dial up was with Jaring! 🙂 Anyone wanna join?

ok this serious of Random thoughts started pretty well and I dont want to spiral down to negativity …

But I must say that reading the comments of those who resonate with my frustration with the whole issue of being sold out” to consumer Christianity REALLY encouraged me.

Looking at Gareth’s 2nd Term report card was also wonderful. Of course, the teacher was pretty generous with her compliments. I think it’s great … he’s only three and I’m pround of him!

So, we end the evening on a higher note then!

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