Random Links 71

A Generous Orthodoxy Conference (audios)
a feast of Mp3s I downloaded

Taking a stand for marriage
“For me, the most important thing about a happy marriage is that husbands and wives be best friends with no serious rival to that friendship.” I agree, May Chin and I even included this emphasis in our vows!

10 Principles of Servant-Leadership
I REALLY hope this is not just going the phrase “servant leadership” isn’t just going to be on my working paper for the lay leaders training program starting next year – but truly embodied in my own life.

The four practices of Open Space
Being open is great, we also want to do some work huh?

Growing God’s Kingdom from the Harvest an interview with Neil Cole
saw the book at MPH 1 Utama … read the interview first, the books is expensive!

Internet Evangelism for the 21st century (FREE WORKSHOPS ON GOOGLE VIDEO!)
I love the internet and especially when people are sharing for free.

Priest Idol
you must be joking …!

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