Random Thoughts During online LiFE Chat!


I love mash potatos .. I had potatos for lunch, potatos for dinner (but not mash lah!) in the Chinese style with pork! awesome!

we are talking about the Book of Habakkuk (for the text check Habakkuk 1 TNIV (Today’s New International Version)

Some interesting insights popping up … like (all from different ppl):
” … the book ends with a glimmer of hope. Hope. yea, that’s what comforts me. owh, and also for the fact that really, it is okay to question somethings.

… I’v also learnt that behind every dark stuff, there’s a reason behind it. like why does God let it happens

… then it’s a choice that we have to make lor… whether are u still willing to trust God’s word….. and that God is still holding on to u

… we are living in trying times – very little hope.

… stop complaining. i mean, it’s okay to talk and question God. but maybe all the comments and complaints we say among ourselves.. doesnt really help.

… so in the light of all this. and Habakkuk.- he sees things he thinks are not right – all the injustice, he complains “Lord, don’t you see?” and then God says, “don’t worry, I have it all under control – in my own timing – don’t you worry. i have bigger plans” and then after that Habakkuk learns to accept God for Him. Not to try and think how God should be, but acknowledging God’s greatness, and his bigger plan. in practical ways -yea, what can we learn? maybe just not to judge so much? maybe to be more aware that God knows? “
(still on going)

Still got much to do … had a good time reflecting on Adult faith formation today …still more to go. thought a lot about my own formation.

again and again … we are confronted with the “pains” of the other ..

as well as some “joys”.

I’m very proud of those who organized and helped in this First Project Fireflies Camp!

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