Random Thoughts before 2007


It was sobering to spend this evening at a memorial service. While I’m more familiar with the husband after a memorable bus ride home from Singapore, listening to the eulogies for the wife was moving and made me see how she had impacted those who were around her.

Memorial services and all that happens there have a way of making me “pause” and re look at the “luggage” of my own life. It’s hard not to reconsider what is more important and necessary in relationships and how we live the remaining days of our lives in “faithfulness day by day.”

Originally, I had the idea of doing some “2006 in review” which already is partially scribbled in my journal. But somehow, after coming back thinking about 101 things during the whole journey has exhausted my blogging energy on that idea (maybe a delayed post)

There’s a noisy party downstairs with loud music, and dancing … the kids are asleep, May Chin and I hope to have a “simple” evening nothing fancy. I told her about how I felt at the memorial service. Life is so fragile, broken, unexpected, painful, hard … and yet, beauty surprisingly still oozes out, healing emerges slowly, strength comes out of weakness …

On TV now are thousands of people packed at a shopping mall, I’m glad I’m not there.

Made quite a number of phone calls tonight. It was good to hear of friends with their newly adopted baby boy. Others moving on to a new home. Keeping in touch here and there ….

I’ll just press publish now … it’s going to be 2007 VERY soon.

(oops I was late … just a little)

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