Random Thoughts before picking Gareth up from Kindergarten

The work, interaction, discussions, invitations, responses etc going into what is 90% going to be titled “A Quiet Revolution of Hope: Conversations on Gospel, Church, Discipleship, and World with Brian McLaren & Malaysian Conversation Partners” in March 3 -4, 2007 Saturday and Sunday has been exciting and rewarding, full of little twists and turns, interesting insights and surprises.

We had a difficult morning today, Gareth and I .. before going to school. I hope when I pick him up … we can process through it again.

I hope to get re-energized as much as I can today. As tonight, I will need some energy to work with copywriter Joel on the QROH event above and maybe Kevin our designer extraordinaire can pop by too… we’ll see. Tomorrow is a full day of meetings, and then I’m also hoping to tidy up the denominational education ministry stuff, and of course, there’s the importance of local church BLC ministries and concerns (oh yes! some maintenance checks!)

Must get the books in my study sorted out ASAP so I can get my feet into my part-time master’s program.

When was the last time I went for a proper swim? *hint hint* (to myself)

Teaching the children at BLC’s “sunday school” on Baptism got me thinking about the “language” I use and the assumptions I had. One of the fun comments I heard was “Jesus is a ghost!”, I asked “why?”, “.. because we cannot see him!” … “Oh!” Now that’s a teachable moment for the storyteller in the group – me!

Got to go in 2 minutes … drive all the way to Ampang and then all the way back and then all the way to Ampang again and all the way back … and then … 🙂

I love it when the kids smile …and show their teeth.. it’s a lot of fun for all of us.
and May Chin has given them a decent haircut too ..

IMG_6689_ek_teeth.jpg IMG_6690_gk_teeth.jpg

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