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congrats to Alex Tang for getting published in The Ooze! Nice to see a fellow Malaysian having a chance to be heard!

10 Theses on Renewal
“The fundamental crisis of the church today is a crisis of the Word of God. The church must recover the full dynamic of the Word, not just as Scripture, but as God-in-communication, especially through the written Word of Scripture and supremely through the Incarnate Word, Jesus Christ. This is another way of saying the church must recover a consciousness of who God is.” That’s thesis number 1 …

So, what on earth is the church?
I like the diagram!

An Upside-Down World : Distinguishing between home and mission field no longer makes sense.
This connected because I was trying to explain a more centred set view of Christianity to a friend today: “Christianity has never had a territorial center. Our center is the person of Christ, and wherever he is known, there is another potential center of faith and witness. So, as mission historian Andrew Walls has said, the emergence of genuine world Christianity and the ending of Western assumptions of heartland hegemony simply marks a return to normal Christianity, which looks much more like the New Testament than Christendom ever did.”

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