Friends 2007: QRoH Notes [36]

It’s encouraging to see the registrations gradually coming in. I think the online registration form is helpful.

Reading the participants expectations are fascinating … interesting how the word “emerging” crops up … whether it’s emerging trends or emerging church. Right from the start we wanted a broader focus and we still are heading there. But we also believe all must come as they are.

My entrance to the overall conversation was more through Brian McLaren‘s writings and interaction with Jason Clark years ago (until now). Of course, there’s also a good dose of articles from Next-Wave Ezine.

And I’ve been consistent through the years (ok not that many blogging years *grin*) highlighting some of us have been talking and thinking about similar concerns with the “emergent” conversation and/or “emerging church” phenomena albeit in slightly different language for a pretty long time. I’ve heard echoes of this during my days in seminary, and also different readings here and there. What interests me at this stage as was then, is how all this can be fleshed out in a local church context, wider Christian community as well as globally.

At this stage, I’m still hesitant in using the term “emerging church” partly because unlike the early days, today it’s easily boxed into either a kind of “brand” or “trend”. And some amount of energy is needed to first unpack the term, and maybe redirect the focus to the concerns which originally inspired the term in the first place. But then again, that’s the reality of our world where blogging is faster than publishing … for good or ill.

As far as the “for good” part, I hope our little effort through this event will help those coming to go beyond the superficial discussions on theology, spirituality and ministry/mission to a more integrated conversation which plugs the church back into the God’s agenda for the world.

I’ll need to get ready to work out some details with the conversation facilitators and follow up on our Roman Catholic friends and see how is their participation. But before some energy can be put there on Monday, I’ll need to focus on my own church council meeting tomorrow, preparations for our upcoming AGM, Sunday Worship and also the post-worship baptism and affirmation class (we’re starting with the Creed which is cool), and also other family responsibilities.

There is no one full time organizing this event … and everyone is chipping in as much as they can while juggling 101 other responsibilities. I’m so grateful for their partnership in this. Some already have been putting in extra efforts.

I’ve already picked out all of Brian’s books I have .. and hopefully start my series “Brian McLaren: Introductions” series … I chuckled when I got an email and the person asked “Who is Brian McLaren?”. Now that brings the matter into perspective. 🙂 at least in our Malaysian context.

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