Random Links 133

Are you an E-word?
Fascinating closing … “Should you care to know, one thing the word “emerging” seeks to capture is the older sense of evangelical for a new day.

I’m a follower of Jesus — orthodox, catholic, protestant and therefore sometimes (but clearly not always) “evangelical.” Five terms, in that order, so help me God. “

Boundary Marker Spirituality: A Story
We need to hear the stories – both the painful and also the graceful!

I sent this to at least 2 Bishops, 1 seminary principal and a bunch of friends 🙂

the starfish and the spider
I love the word “catalyst” … and maybe I should get this book and think about it more.

creative leadership (pdf)
This looks like a great presentation .. I loved the marriage of text and image in it.

Apologetics as Dialogue
Interesting picture with the post.

imagination and god’s future
staring with a cool quote by Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” made me download his article!

Is the New Testament Reliable?
Just in case someone asked. I’m planning to listen to the whole NT at least 4 times this year!

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