Random Links 134

Belligerent, Bullying Believers: Spite, not the Spirit
Maybe we should just call it what it is “bullying” – not the more religious sounding word “admonishing” – Prof. Stackhouse’s words are worth some time here: “…not that everyone should pretend to be happy with each other. The point is not that we should avoid honest disagreement, even criticism. The point is the Golden Rule, and the apostolic injunction to “speak the truth in love“–sincerely seeking the good of the other person, not just seeking to get something off one’s chest.” Read the whole post .. the specifics give the context of these words.

Reflections for a Conversation on Theology in Congregational Life
I confess that I find more energy reading stuff like this than church growth books right now.

Compiling a list of the Best Contemporary Works of Theology
Interesting list … the results here The 15 Most Important Theological Works of the Last 25 Years is food for thought – fine food indeed :-).

The Delightful Terror of Reforming Theology
I admit. .. right now I’m still in my “Chim” mode (I’m finding it hard to translate that word – but it’s something to do with dealing with “seemingly sophisticated maybe intellectual and not so down to earth stuff”) But this is good stuff … when you read words like: “Good theology should be both disturbing and comforting. “ For more read Delightful Terror II

The Uncommon Lectionary
I love the revised common lectionary but this is equally worth checking out.

On Faith: A Conversation on Religion with Jon Meacham and Sally Quinn
wide variety on the panel.

Ok with all this “chim-ness” off my chest … normal blogging shall resume? 😛 Let me look for some cute pictures!

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