Random Thoughts after 3Days in Selesa


It was good to “de-tox” from the internet and blogging at Selesa Hillhomes the last 3 days. I think May Chin perhaps was pretty happy that I couldn’t get access.

Then it opens up the time for us to truly enjoy pretty good weather and time together with family, friends, food, fun, fellowship, freedom and faith! This is what a friend of mine and I cooked up 10minutes ago – the 7F Model of retreats!

At times it was a little tiring because the kids were SO energetic … more than half of the whole group consist of our children – from 6 families! And it was a little trick for two of them because of last minute school replacement days for Chinese New year holidays (aiyo!)

I got some sleep .. and detachment from KL which was good. And managed to start reading 2 books which I think I would finish this week (1) The Character of Theology by John R. Franke which is actually a very good short book as the linked review says, and and managed to skim a little (2) The Wild Man’s Journey Reflections on Male Spirituality – which has a great title!

I also realized once I came back that I forgot some stuff and have loads of work I need to catch up but then I’m learning to “let go” a little more and “take it easy”. I know this might drive people up the wall .. but then I’m more relaxed nowadays when it comes to these matters.

This trip gave me a glimpse into the “soul” of a number of kids in our families – their uniqueness as well as their struggles. I ate a lot too .. and enjoyed it. The Taboo game just got us warmed up but it was a little too late last night and we were all pretty tired. The wine was good though – helped with my sleep.

I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent at the Rabbit Park with the kids as well as two very fruitful sessions running around, kicking the little blue football and playing with the children at the open field nearby our apartments.

Last night, there was a precious moment where some random questions gave all of the adults a chance to share more about ourselves. I find it true that retreats like this gives us a good environment to open up.. there’s something special about have a “mini-communal-monastic-like” life together even if it’s a short one.

Looking through the emails I’ve got is a little overwhelming. But I thought I should return to some blogging … and do a not so “cheem” post 🙂 one which I promised to do.

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