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Jason Clark has been my top encourager when it comes to getting some conversation going on here in Malaysia and keeping some dialogue open beyond our shores. He’s also got wonderful insights when it comes to theology, church and cultural concerns for today. So, I decided to put up some links form the Emergent-Uk resource list. I must confess (which I think I’ve done more than once), that he’s very much a key reason how we landed calling our little network emergent Malaysia 🙂 That’s another story .. and now the links.

Michael Polanyi – Tacit Knowing Truthful Knowing (MP3s)
Expands one’s horizon on all things “knowing”

New Kind of Christian Conference 2002
A small group of dark haired Malaysians were in this conference, most of them I think have never been the same since 🙂

San Diego – Emergent Convention 2004
With titles like this “God is Always Found in the Most Godforsaken Places – Alan Roxburgh”, “Great Omission from Great Commission – Dallas Willard” and “What Makes a Church Postmodern Stan Grenz” – download away!

Alan Jamieson stuff
I told a friend yesterday, Alan’s stuff rightly used will do the church much good especially in getting church leadership to reconsider our ways.. if abused then that would be sad and tragic especially if it’s taken to sanction “self-custom-made” individualistic faith (which I don’t think is Alan’s intention).

Conrad Gempf
Interesting how he does Narrative and explanation.

Deep Church – MP3
I’ll be listening to this while I’m picking up my daughter …

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