emergent Malaysia Open meeting February 10, Saturday

When? 10am
Where? The Father’s House (BLC premises)

After some thought, I know it’s easier for most people to see the conversations revolving around “emerging” churches, “emerging concerns” and “emerging theological conversations”, but all this is meant to cut the fat eventually and get on to what matters most. As far as we are concerned we want to “create space” for conversations to happen … and be open what will generate from there 🙂

The focus for this meeting is more like a pre-conference warm up before the March event. We hope to invite some of those who have already signed up to come if possible.

Invite anyone you like. The focus would be on questions and observations. I’ll throw in some to get going. If our group is small then we can all do this together. If we are bigger, then we will divide into the four groups in two sessions. So people can at least contribute for two.

Our agenda this saturday will be based on the 4 topics.

1: Gospel – more than we imagined it to be
— What are the “versions” of the gospel … in the minds of church members and pastors today in Malaysia?
What are the consequences of believing these “versions”?
Where do we get our influences and what do we need to take note?

2: Church – ways forward beyond forms and technique
How do people Christians and nonChristians view “Church”?
What occupies the minds of our pastors and church leaders?
How do we wrestle with institutional as well as non-institutional aspects of church?

3: Discipleship – tired of shortcuts and superficiality
— How do people see their Christian life today?
How is discipleship and/or spiritual formation happening now in our churches?
Are their any new directions, paradigms or practices Christians are experimenting? What are their strengths and weaknesses?
Where is the role of the Bible in this process? what is the place of church history or traditions – east or west?

4: World – being ready for active engagement
HOw do we view our world – e.g nation? what role can we play in terms of transformation?
What is transformation? What does it look like?
Where do we get our ideas of what kind of transformation needs to take place?

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