Being Artistic – Happy Chinese New Year!


“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”Vincent Van Gogh, Letters of Van Gogh (HT: Inward/Outward)

It’s supposed to be natural but then after all these years knocking on walls, falling over the edge, being punched in the face … I think the word intentional fits better. Now let’s get really artsy during this Chinese New year holidays. …

We’ll have our reunion dinner in about 2hours time with both May Chin & my family. So often, we learn our artistry of loving in the context of friendship when in actual fact our families shape us more than we are willing to admit. It’s good to come together tonight. I think we need it.

I thought this pair of shoes by Van Gogh would keep us on the ground while we engaged in more “prosperous activities” of eating, sleeping, laughing, gambling (I’mean playing cards!), drinking shandy, giving Ang-Pows (red packets with money in it!) to the kids, reconnecting with friends and extended family …

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone!

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