Random Thoughts on the 2nd Day of CNY


It’s after 3:00AM … I thought I’d unload some “stuff” off my chest.

I’ve been thinking a lot about Gracious Christianity (i.e. an ideal focuses on Jesus’s directive to love God with all our hearts, souls, and minds, and to love our neighbors–all of them–in the same way we love ourselves) lately. I hope to start a class soon on this perhaps walking through the themes with those whom are contemplating on these matters. I know going through a class or reading a book won’t fully “make us” gracious. But it’s a starting point and/or part of the journey.

A comment at a recent theology class where I visited struck me. The “feeling” behind this comment conveyed is how one feels “put down” and “talked down” when she’s talking with so called “smarter” people. She may not use highly intellectual arguments, but obviously she desires to deeply think about the questions at hand and is in the process of learning. This reminds me how easily we can be excited to acquire new knowledge or tools to reason and even debate, that it is tempting to move towards an elitism where we may assume we know better. Lord have mercy especially on those we talk to and ourselves who need to guard our hearts.

It was nice to be with May Chin’s relatives. Some conversations over a beer and some snacks helped me catch a glimpse of another world. Watching basketball together on TV was pretty exciting. Then the football match wasn’t 😛

I’ve *sighed* quite a number of times the past 2 days at some futile sentences.

I’ve *smiled* quite a number of times the past 2 days at some fantastic sentences.

I’m looking forward to see how the Nails and Thorns 2007 Lent meditations would be helpful to those using it. I had the pleasure of reading all of them before they will be posted up one by one (and the whole pdf should be available for download soon). One thing I noticed is how “gracious” the tone of the writing is which to me was a tremendous blessing. But beyond the “tone”, the content was of good quality and authenticity. I can really relate when one of them shared how she was ministered by her own writing. Sometimes, I’m surprisingly confronted by my own writing.

Nice to have a little date with May Chin today. Short but sweet.

2 more relatives appointments – one tomorrow and another one on Wednesday. One covering Mom’s family and the other covering Dad’s family. It’s going to be noisy … but that’s ok it’s Chinese New Year (CNY).

The mission history reading was helpful to inform my message on Sunday. somehow, CNY is a season where I’m drawn to think about the Gospel and our culture a little bit more.

Sometimes I wonder what is going on in people’s mind. they may be wondering what goes on in mine too. There are times when certain acts and words are meant to build bridges and does it well. The reality is its not always the case. But an attempt is made. But one thing is for sure, there are certain acts and words that burn bridges. And after a while, it’s just plain sad and tiring.

Centering. … is needed especially when it’s tempting just to let go during this holiday season. The discipline levels are usually low. The guard is down. One easily slacks. Centering… reordering .. listening …. and all these needed practices awaits for me.

I thoughts the Elvis Phone I saw at May Chin’s relative’s house was pretty cool …

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