Nails and Thorns 2007

The initial email conversations are noteworthy:

“… I haven’t been very holy/righteous lately, to say the least… still can contribute?

By the way, I notice I’ve been assigned Heb 12:1-14, one of my favourite Bible passages, and also the letter to Titus, which I’ve barely touched. This is going to be interesting!

…I feel totally unqualified, but in the upside-down Kingdom perhaps things are different.

… dear friends, we have only one qualification for this project sinners saved by the grace of God.”

I hardly needed to edit the meditations contributed by a group of young writers mostly in their twenties. I think the youngest should be 17 (ok I include Alwyn and myself in this category even though we are in our thirties!) Maybe it was more of the preference for the “rawness” of their reflections to come through without too much cosmetics – authenticity is a strong value here. But when you read on you’ll find more then that: a genuine love for God, a submission to the authority of Scriptural truth, the responsiveness and willingness to obey, a desire to grow, an honest admission of weakness and brokenness, a big dose of grace and much more.

I hope to be able to get a link for those interested to get the whole pdf booklet soon. For now you can start with the group blog I set up for the season of Lent starting tomorrow.


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