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[A Critique of Criticism:] A Response to Reactionism Against the Emerging Church
After reading this: “What I am interested in is a discussion of the knee-jerk reactions; the critical responses that arise out of a spirit of superiority, disdain, fear, etc. It is with that aim in mind that we at Precipice launch a new feature called: A Critique of Criticism: A Response to Reactionism Against the Emerging Church. Over the next few weeks we’ll be directly addressing these particularly ungracious, destructive and dismissive examples of criticism, one by one.” … I’ll be watching this series closely.

Superficial Church: The Loss of Real Church
Nice to see Jason Clark jumping into the discussion even more.

finally some activity on this site.

LTTBOEC Clarification of the intent
I like questions … especially good ones. Have a look at these:


* How did you come to be involved in church ministry? (Brief summary of your calling/story).

* What is unique about how you do church? What do you believe about the nature and purpose of the church?

* What is your view of worship including the nature and purpose of preaching?

* What is your view of Scripture?

* Are there basic doctrinal affirmations that you think are essential to authentic Christianity?

* What is your view of the person and work of Christ including the atonement?

* What is your view of the relation of Christianity to other religions and the doctrine of eternal punishment?

* How have your views changed over the past decade?

* How do you regard “the story of God” as a place to start theological thinking?

* What is your attitude toward “communal reflection” as opposed to individualized theology?

* Do you subscribe to “post systems theology?”

* How does truth get embodied?

* How do sign and symbol communicate truth?

* How do you view the ancient creeds, especially the Apostles Creed, the Nicene Creed, the Chalcedon Creed?

* How should we approach the issue of unity and diversity?

* What role will tradition play in the Emerging church?

* What cultural revolutions of recent years shape your way of thinking? i.e. scientific; philosophical; globalism; communication theory; historical analysis; sociological shifts; relativism.

Listening to the Beliefs of Emerging Churches. Part One.
awaiting part two.

Frustrations with Being Emerging
Nice short post.

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