Friends 2007: One more Week! [7]

We had a good time of prayer tonight. After all the talk on final preparations and further fine tuning in planning, and then some level of laughter and updates on the “buzz” surrounding the event. What for me I found precious was the time we prayed together. The language of prayer is where we connected with the One who we entrust ourselves to especially one week before the event.

We’re grateful to Mike Foong and his team in helping us get the audio-video set up ready. I’m totally blur when it comes to technical stuff like this. And yet, those like Mike blossom in this kind of tasks. I’m curious to see how the potential DVD will turn out. Maybe a director’s cut? 🙂

We’re grateful to Pastor Raj and Reuben and everyone at Christian Life Gospel Centre for the logistic support they are giving.

We’re grateful to Laurie from Council of Churches of Malaysia who’s been working behind the scenes making sure the registrations and payments are in order and helping us to keep track on the latest sign ups. She’ll also be welcoming all who are coming.

We’re grateful to Bob Kee who’s revamped the emergentMalaysia website. He’s also coaching us with relevant tips when it comes to communications matters.

We’re grateful to Adeline settling various quotations for us to decide on and keeping an eye on how people can be fed in the coming weekend!

We’re also grateful to Yew Khuen our chairman who’s guiding the group gently in spite of his own heavy schedule. He makes sure the details are checked from the budget to various check lists. I’m looking forward to see how the small group questions and guide can help the participants “personalize” their learning and be open to listen to others.

We’re especially grateful for all the conversation partners and facilitators. I have heard from some “interesting” conversations they have already been part of simply by having their name printed on the same brochure with Brian McLaren! Others talked about different reactions and eyebrows raised because of their participation in this event.

I’d only wish those who may have questions to come for the event, at least the open night meeting. Meet Brian for themselves and hear the conversation partners interact. I’d be happy to say hello! 🙂 Moving from a more distant stance to a more face to face posture does us all much good. Furthermore, I think we have a pretty good framework to get ourselves thinking together. I don’t think it will be too technical or very academic sounding or with high flying rhetoric. I foresee a very human encounter of minds and hearts of followers of Christ which will desires to benefit all who participate.

Oh yes … We’re also grateful for all those who have already signed up. Especially those traveling all the way from Singapore (thanks for the phone call), from the east coast and islands, as well as the historic city of Malacca. The schedule is a little tight, but let’s see how this intensive time together might generate missional possibilities.

We have not achieved much yet (depending on perspective), but nothing should stop us from expressing gratitude. All thanks ultimately goes to God.

Tonight, I valued very much our time of prayer tonight. I felt the Spirit move amongst us quietly and gently. This convinced me once again the need for an authentic spirituality to be at the heart what often are 2 opposite poles – reflection and praxis.

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