Friends 2007: Encouragement [5]

Friends in Conversation : A Quiet Revolution of Hope

As we move into the final stages preparing for the upcoming event on Saturday and Sunday (plus other bonuses!) It’s wonderful to get some encouraging emails. Please allow me to repost two:

“Hello to all of you in Malaysia, Singapore and elsewhere who are gathering for the Quiet Revolution of Hope conversation! I’ve been following the progress of Sivin and others organizing this and I’m so excited for you – it surely does bring hope to gather with others who are dreaming big dreams for the future of our communities of faith. I find hope every time I discover someone else who also feels a desire to see the body of Christ progress to the next place God has for us – what excitement we talk with! – When God does something locally, it’s one thing, but when you see it happening all around the world it really makes you wonder what God is up to. Blessings to you all from those of us on the other side of the world, here in New York City, who gather to hold this conversation.

Jeff Kursonis, church planter and Emergent Village Coordinating Group member”

and another one from my good friend Jason Clark who’s walked with us since day one.

“Dear Sivin & our brothers and sisters in Malaysia,

It has been wonderful to watch you gently and lovingly move people
into discussion and friendship, incarnating the very nature and hopes
many of us have found through our relationship with Emergent.

When I am asked me what Emergent is, I try to point to people who
embody, a ‘lived theology’ of our conversations/hopes/aspirations.
Thank you for being
people we can do that with. We esteem your desire to see people
connect at this time/space in ways that will deepen their faith, and
grow the body of Christ.

Be blessed, and we look forward to hearing your reports.

As ever,

Jason Clark
London, UK”

Short one for tonight. Need more energy when the sun rises tomorrow.

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