Friends 2007: A Letter to those Registered [3]

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for making the time and space to join us for this conversation, We have received your registration and thought it would be good to send you a letter with some final details. You might want to print out this e-mail for your reference.

1. Registration will be opened from 8.00am on Saturday (3 March 2007) If you have pre-registered but have yet to pay the registration fee of RM 55.00, you can do so at the registration desk manned by Laurie Toong and her team.

If you are bringing friends who are not pre-registered, a registration fee of RM 65.00 is payable.

2. The map to the venue of the event, Christian Life Gospel Centre (CLGC), is reproduced below :


For your reference, here are some photos of the building where the venue is located :

clgc_1.jpg clgc_2.jpg

Alternatively, you can also phone CLGC’s office at 03.7955.0084 for directions.

3. Accomodations near the venue can be found at :

* Petaling Jaya Hilton
Website (Phone : 03.7955.9122)

* Hotel Singgahsana PJ (Formerly NPC Hotel)
Website (Phone : 03.7956.2100)

* Shah Village Hotel
Website (Phone : 03.7956.9322)

* Lisa De Inn
Website (Phone : 03.7955.3636)

4. Lunch will be provided on Saturday (3 March 2007). There will be simple refreshments served during the breaks.

5. Session 3 on Discipleship is open to the public (refer to programme schedule below). Please feel free to invite friends. We will collect a special offering for our speaker Brian Mclaren to show our appreciation on this night.

6. The Sunday Worship Service is not part of the programme as some may need to be back at their home churches. However, all are welcome to join us in worship at CLGC at 10.30 am. The event will resume at 2.00 pm in the afternoon.

7. There will be a book counter set up by Glad Sounds, our sponsoring partner for this event.

8. Please feel free to go to the following links to get some more information and preliminary reading :

* emergentMalaysia

* Sivin Kit’s Garden
Friends in Conversation

9. You are also welcome to join the lecture and interaction at Seminari Theoloji Malaysia (STM) in Seremban on Monday, 5 March 2007, at 10.00 am. This is event is free and open to all interested. More information about the lecture can be found at

Finalised Programme Schedule


Come with a relaxed mind and an open heart. We look forward to seeing you face to face and joining you in exploring where God is leading us in the future.

Feel free to contact me by e-mail ( or by phone (013.3507.246) anytime if you have any further enquiries.

God bless.

Rev. Sivin Kit
on behalf of the organising team

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