Random Links 142

catalyst monthly podcast
There are some speakers who I know will have “stuff” to catalyze me forward.

Podcasts from The Center for Excellence in Preaching
When I saw Mp3s for Lewis Smedes, Barbara Brown Taylor, Thomas G. Long, and especially Paul Scot Wilson … the rest is less hard disk space for me after the downloads:-)

A Letter To My Brothers And Sisters
I don’t see myself as a “hellfire and brimstone evangelist” …. so I read Bart Campolo’s letter with interest … “I am not a hellfire and brimstone evangelist, of course, nor do I try to win people to faith because I fear they may miss the quite literal deadline for salvation about which so many Christians are certain. Rather, I plead with people to follow Jesus because I care about them, and following Jesus is the truest, most wonderful life I know. I try to inspire people towards discipleship because I believe that the sooner we all obey the teachings of Jesus, the sooner our hungry will be fed, and our naked clothed, and our homeless sheltered, and our lost found. The question for me is not if God’s will will be done on earth as it is in heaven, but how soon. So then, it could fairly be said that my Kingdom work flows from a kind of compassionate impatience. I am an evangelist because I quite literally can’t wait for the redemption of every soul and all of Creation.”

practical thoughts on how to articulate the Gospel meaningfully in our world (HT: Mark VanS)
Here’s two for a start …
“1. Avoid beginning with the story of the Fall; begin with humans as Eikons in Genesis 1 before we get to the “cracked Eikons” of Genesis 3.

2. Avoid skipping from Genesis 3 to Romans 3: the story of covenant, Israel, and Law are inherent to the story of God.”

Gandhi and Mission
“Live more like Jesus, do not tone down your faith, make love central, look for the good in other faiths so that you might be more sympathetic.” More in Johnny Baker’s Post Gandhi

Seminars About Long Term Thinking
I’m listening to Brian Eno now … how can one’s “imagining on a different kind of music” relate to what I’m thinking about?

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