Not a Chance Event


“The cross of Christ was not an inexplicable or chance event, which happened to strike him, like illness or accident. To accept the cross as his destiny, to move toward it and even to provoke it, when he could well have done otherwise, was Jesusí constantly reiterated free choice; and he warns his disciples lest their embarking on the same path be less conscious of its costs.” – John Howard Yoder, the Politics of Jesus (via inward/outward)

Good Friday may have passed quietly last week… the impact of its message continues during these bright resurrection days. I think when we Christ-followers revolve around and round our preferences which are secondary forgetting the main emphasis of obedience, risk, sacrifice and love demonstrated by the cross … we are spinning in “religion” which doesn’t nourish but actually drains life. Do we REALLY want the REAL thing?

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