Random Thoughts after Wan Tan Mee


There are time when a good plate of Wan Tan Mee with Char Siew is heavenly … I just had one of those times a while ago … this 50days Easter season is kicking of with a glorious start in the food department.

Managed to join two LiFe Groups in a row in a way … one in their official meeting the other in their “Yam char” session. Both were good … the evening ended on a “great” note.

Once a while, I’m delightfully surprised when someone asks me a question I wish more people would ask … then I feel some “pause” and “care” needs to go in to the answer or recommendation because what was asked was not trivial but life-shaping … even life changing when we embark on the path set before us.

Funny I was wondering whether anyone one was spying on me tonight … it’s a strange feeling.

I saw two men walk past us … while we were engaged in some discussion on TULIP and I was trying to use simple language to explain “total depravity” while also throwing in my take on “the bondage of the will” ….

I giggled while talking about how animals might be in “heaven” and then probing deeper into what does it mean to be alive … the difference between the immortality of the soul and immortality related to the resurrected body. I get excited when we can chat about these matters in a coffee shop 😛

It’s the “what does it mean to follow Jesus today for me in terms of the next step” kind of question that really energizes me … this line of questioning beats any form of speculative exercise we are all tempted to indulge in once in a while.

I was happy that one of our church members though a relatively new Christian did an excellent job facilitating the first LiFe Group meeting I attended tonight. It made the 2 hours so worth our time. While it’s not without any hiccup or areas we can all work on .. it was good. For that I’m sleeping better than last night on this matter.

I also came home with more hope and joy in what is possible for the sinners gang LiFE Group … there is a path where I think we can all nudge each other to walk along. Some might trail behind but walk towards the same destination as long as we can keep each other honest and humble in the process. But honesty and humility takes us to a place where we can “obey”. And this obedience is no longer bound by our past baggage, present angst or hang ups or future uncertainties or fears. All those who desire “transformation” would need cheer each other on.

It’s always wonderful when we can speak freely, be corrected, realign our thoughts, and allow our values to be affirmed or challenged in a context where it’s not only “safe” but it’s also “desiring and deciding” towards a pathway beyond ourselves. The word communitas has been dwelling in my mind the last two days … of course, what I’m thinking is more than what the wikipedia talks about. More here

I think it’s time to sleep … I think I will sleep better than last night.

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