Random Thoughts on Thursday night

Tomorrow will be memorial no. 4 this past month. That one visit, the conversations with had, the song we sang and the time of prayer is forever ingrained in my memory.

How can I process all the sequence of events which I have walked through? There are times when the questions are in the “macro” – “big picture” category? Often, I need to wrestle with the more “micro” – “less essential” ones too …

I will spend some time journaling tonight … I will use these questions to help me …

I no longer feel the need to be in control over some issues coming up soon. Ironically, it’s freeing. The only question is whether I can handle it. Then again, we will manage when that day comes. Tonight, I live in the “now”.

Here’s a fact I’m accepting not because I don’t believe we can change it or it’s ideal, I’m accepting it because that’s the way it is. There are some relationships which have fossilized or require some level of distance. There’s no need for hostility. A tinge of caution is warranted. Being open and gracious doesn’t mean stripping ourselves of dignity and subject ourselves to abuse and bullying.

Facing “death” again makes all our frustrations reduce in its importance – we tend to magnify our unhappiness, dissatisfactions and complaints. We sleep, wake up, eat, go to the toilet, plunge ourselves at work, bear with office politics, juggle home affairs, etc … most of the time we accept these as routines, and sometimes unconsciously it becomes “everything” to us … and then things don’t go our way, we “magnify” the stuff which upsets us, or spin a rationalized dance of ideas and opinions which after some silence, centering or a good knock with the reality of life, death, love, pain, suffering, humility, joy, grace, peace, humor, holiness, – the stuff which REALLY makes us human … we then learn again how to be one.

Is it true when we find ourselves less able to practice one kind of spirituality or approach in life, we tend to “put down” that aspect? So, we don’t see ourselves as intellectuals, and that means deeper thinking is less appreciated and we glorify our “shallow” – simplistic ways … add some proof texts to justify our case?

Or if we don’t see our selves as activist, then we tend to accuse those who are trying to do something as “busywork” unreflective doers who don’t understand the complex issues at hand?

Polarization seems to be what’s getting attention these days. Either/or thinking reigns? truncated views which leads to disjointed solutions? It’s interesting how my own journey for radiant thinking was unconsciously introduced through Mind Mapping.

Last night we explored the six thinking hats for one of the LiFe Groups. I did it individually before the session. Then we did two on two different subjects – traffic and spiritual growth in community. I found it helpful for lateral thinking.

I’m having a look again on the six action shoes because we need to “walk the talk” or “put legs on our ideas”!

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