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Gunman Kills 32 in Virginia Tech Rampage

Sad and shocking …

tragic news of Virginia Tech shootings

Thanks DJ Chuang for the updates

Archbishop of Canterbury – church needs to listen properly to the bible (HT: AKMA)

“…before Scripture is read in private, it is heard in public. Those of us who assume that the normative image of Scripture reading is the solitary individual poring over a bound volume, one of the great icons of classical Protestantism, may need to be reminded that for most Christians throughout the ages and probably most in the world at present, the norm is listening.”

I totally agree with the above and have been trying to practice this for the last 7 years.

Wheaton Theology Conference: How the early church grew

“… For those of us who have struggled with being “evangelistic,” it’s encouraging to know that the early church grew not because they were distributing gospel tracts but because they were practicing hospitality, neighborliness and social concern for the poor and marginalized…”

The whole post requires much self-examination of what we think should be the norm.

Democracy & The Church

some medicine to swallow especially when we consider our Malaysian context?

If you want to be more creative, give yourself more time

“Getting creative ideas takes far longer than people usually allow. It’s not the idea itself—that may come in an instant—it’s the preparation, plus the time needed afterwards to check it out, explain it to others, and turn it into a practical plan of action.”

Insightful! And the following is extra encouraging:

“If you want to be creative, read as much and as often as you can. There’s no better way to stimulate your mind. Show me a home free of books and I’ll show you people with little or no spark of creative thought in their heads.”

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