Random Thoughts before you know what-lah!


I’m always fascinated by what messages put in the toilet to communicate to the users. I try to be careful not to drop the camera into the toilet bowl when I snap these goodies.

I love the new little Japanese table I got from Carrefour at Midvalley yesterday. I notice that I think better when I sit on the floor. Somehow the posture seems more helpful than others. Any research out there on how sitting postures helps with meditation, learning, creativity or daydreaming?

I’m very happy with WordPress currently …what a joy it was to be Soo Inn and Bernice’s driver yesterday afternoon. The Perodua Kancil handled the weight of the passengers and extra luggage well. It’s a faithful car (it did not collapse or suffer severe damage!). What was precious was the “concentrated” conversations we could have during the journey.

Now, my mind recalls so many conversations with different people when I served as their driver. Many of them have been life shaping and life changing. Never underestimate a conversation in a car.

The mind is clearing a little bit more after walking through the lectionary – The Book of Revelation? Hmm…. looks promising!

There’s still so much to sort out …”How do you eat an elephant?” – one bite at a time.

I shall be clutter free-er tonight. There’s some motivation.

I think it’s time to do the “you know what-lah!”

Morning coffee always helps. 🙂

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