Random Thoughts while I’m relaxing

Reading all the Revelation passages from the lectionary at one was quite good … patterns leap out from the pages.

The Sardine puff was nice. Thanks “Mummy”.

wow … I think I had a little too much Chinese fried mee last week … I’m looking forward for something different tonight. Curry Chicken maybe?

I’m quite happy to manage to sketch at least 3 mind maps for upcoming messages for BLC. Practiced using the 6 thinking hats invisibly for this morning’s meeting.

It’s increasingly alarming when we notice leaders need to put someone down in order to bring out their cause. Isn’t it possible to argue our case without taking shots at people’s competence or character?

Comparison is the easiest way to get our way … or is it? Highlighting the strong is supposed to challenge the weak to rise up. Or is it simply an ego stroking exercise when all is said and done?

Sometimes the unintended consequences overshadow the official agendas we hope to pursue.

It’s nice to relax a little right now … I realize my creative and constructive juices bubble well with an enviromment of ambient music. No fixed attention seeking musical form or lyrics to distract 🙂

Oh Elysia’s God-mama just arrived. She’s hold a banana right now and eating healthily …

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