Random Links 147

9/11 Didn’t Change the World (HT:Odyssey)

A conversation with Stanley Hauerwas. Interesting portraits.

a double take on early christianity: an interview with rodney stark

Will look into this …

22 Questions and Answers about Mind Maps

Survived with more than 5 Mind Maps for the camp I was involved in from Monday till today!

How Large-scale Change really happens: Working with Emergence

The opening line is very insightful:

In spite of current ads and slogans, the world doesnt change one person at a time. It changes as networks of relationships form among people who share a common cause and vision of whats possible”

The Cross and the Caricatures

NT Wright gives a response to Robert Jenson, Jeffrey John, and a new volume entitled Pierced for Our Transgressions. This little quote stuck out 🙂

Not, of course, that I claim myself to be infallible in my own interpretation of scripture. But it will not do (to anticipate an obvious reaction) to suggest that some recent works from the same school have effectively holed my exegesis, e.g. of Paul, below the water-line. Just because I have not had the time to respond, for instance, to Mark Seifrid, Don Carson and others in some of their recent polemic, does not mean that I am conceding the points they have made – not least because I see no evidence that they are really trying to hear what I and others are saying, but are instead simply waving us away as hopeless ‘new perspective’ people.”

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