Robert E. Webber (1933-2007)

Robert E. Webber

I got an email this weekend …

It is with great sadness that we announce that Robert Webber passed away Friday April 26. We will be posting details on  and on the AEF Call web site  about the upcoming public memorial service in the Chicago area as soon as details are finalized.  Please keep the Webber family in your prayers.”

I have never met Bob Webber in person before.  I’ve read many of his books and loved especially The Younger Evangelicals and the Ancient Future series.  I just got his latest the Divine Embrace. I felt the AEF Call was helpful and worth supporting.  He has been one of the significant authors and thinkers who have shaped how I view worship, faith and church today.  When Brian McLaren was here in March, we talked a little bit more on how Bob was doing.  I also got a more personal glimpse of Bob from Brian which encouraged me.  I know a person can never be defined only by their public persona or books. And from reading the links below, I give thanks further for one who’s given his life for the good of the Gospel, the church as well as those whom he was able to mentor in a personal way.

Robert Webber: Thank-you and We’ll Miss You

My colleague and friend, Robert E. Webber died yesterday evening after a long, courageous and faithful struggle with pancreatic cancer.

Bob was past seventy, maybe seventy two, but he had the vigor of someone twenty-thirty years younger. Back in the nineties when I started writing in obscure journals and talking about issues post modern, post liberal, post Christendom, he was already on to it all. He encouraged me, supported me, pushed me on. Bob Webber blew my mind in the way he would humbly help and shepherd scholars, pastors coming up. I owe Bob Webber. He looked at my earliest writings and told me they were great. He gave me helpful suggestions on the Great Giveaway that really worked. And although we came from different generations, I was always amazed at how quickly he moved to understand the latest theologians.

These past months as Bob’s struggle worsened, he always struggled with hope, grace, perseverance eeking out the very most out of his every breath, reading, writing, meeting with people telling them how much he loved them, and was blessed by them (I know of these encounters thru stories told to me). He died so well in the knowledge and hope of the resurrected Lord.”

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