Countdown 2: The Micah Mandate


Here’s a sneak preview of what’s coming soon 🙂 I feel so honored to be part  the process that gave birth to The Micah Mandate.  The last one week, Gareth and Elysia has been consistent in sharing our Highs and Lows almost every day.  And I must say being part of the initiators for this effort has been most rewarding and a definite HIGH.  It has brought a sense of integration and wholeness together with Friends in Conversation and RoH Malaysia as well as my work as a local church pastor in Bangsar Lutheran Church and my wider involvement through the Lutheran Church in Malaysia and Singapore. I think that’s a pretty full plate, and I’m pretty much stretched to the limit, but it’s fulfilling! 🙂 It’s fulfilling because I feel we are in a moment of Malaysian history where we are more conscious of the fact that all of us have a role to play in making history.

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