Random Links 287 (“Can’t Sleep” Malaysia Edition)

RPK in danger! Pakatan Rakyat must move now!

Many are genuinely concerned for RPK’s personal well being.

“Well, RPK is on hunger strike again. No food and no water. The authorities know that his kidneys will not be able to take this for long too long. They are going to let this carry on in the hope that complications set in and that he will suffer organ malfunction.

“That’s why even though there are news reports that Teresa’s family will be allowed to see her, probably tomorrow, there is no word that RPK’s family will be allowed the same. Lawyers have already written asking that they be permitted to meet with RPK but no word yet.

“They’re going to wait until his condition is critical before they get him medical attention. By then it will be too late. RPK would already be dead.

“That’s what they are banking on. They’ll say he brought it on himself.

“You people can hold all the vigils you want. That’s not going to get him out.


Penahanan ISA Tindakan Zalim

2 Links from Nurul Izzah Anwar, MP for Lembah Pantai

Petitioning against the ISA

Good suggestions for us to know from Tricia .


is one way to make your views known on the ISA.

Other ways:

  1. Wear black till ISA detainees are released. (I will be doing this)
  2. Wear a black or red ribbon.
  3. Put on car lights in the daytime.
  4. At 12pm, observe 2 minutes of silence wherever you are.
  5. Fast and pray – what our Muslim friends and some of us are already doing.
  6. Civic disobedience measures – some talk of a replay of hartal (abandoning businesses and shops on Malaysia Day 16th September); some talk of withdrawing cash from a bank till the bank owners are forced to appeal to government decision makers.

Some are alive for such a time as this. I am one of them.


So far MPF has been responding in very helpful ways, so we can move forward.

In this blessed month of Ramadhan, we urge the authorities to act justly in carrying out their responsibility of maintaining the peace and security of the country. We also urge everyone in the public sphere to exercise restraint and wisdom in discussing issues of race and religion.

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