A Malaysia Day To Remember


Someone asked me, “If there is a change of government on September 16, are we still going to have the Malaysia Day Prayer Vigil at the church tonight?”. My answer was without a pause, “Yes! Sure .whatever happens .”

Why? Because our coming together for prayer though might be sparked off first by the string of recent developments especially the latest arrests under the ISA, but we gather also for more long term and deeper reasons , that is,

. to remember all those who have contributed with their sweat, tears and even their blood to the formation of this space we call home, and our identity as Malaysians.

. to remember the highs and lows as well as achievements and setbacks of our common historical pilgrimage together.

. to remember the past with honesty and humility and look forward to the future with hope.

. to remember the poor, the disenfranchised, the marginalized, the forgotten as well as those who have been laboring hard in showing them concern and advocating for them and with them thus far.

. to remember those who are in authority and bear the responsibility to ensure institutional instruments are functioning rightly guided by the constitutional framework

. to remember the last, the least and the lost .

. add to the list

. and yes, one more

. to remember our creator, liberator, and life-giver who is the true author and director of history, giving thanks for the  privilege we have a role to play and participate in the unfolding of each page, and renewing our commitment to walk humbly before God in our speech, thoughts, relationships, and every human activity. This is a timely reminder we responding to his grace towards us, are stewards ((not rulers who abuse and exploit)  who faithfully manage the gifts showered upon all of us by the almighty.

So, from 7.30pm onwards until 9.30pm at Bangsar Lutheran Church, people who care and are concerned for the nation can come for silent prayer, intercession and adoration anytime for however long or short moment within the timeframe we have dedicated for tonight. 

Nothing fancy, no hype no hysteria . only a honest, humble and hopeful posture before God, and one another for the sake our ourselves, our children, our neighbors, our friends and our future!

For those who can join us it will be a good old fashioned face to face meeting, for those who can’t come physically then a virtual one online is welcome, or even organizing one at home with family (or wherever you are) . nothing can or has to stop us!

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