The Divine Commodity: Discovering a Faith beyond Consumer Christianity

I’m looking forward to read the book. I recall using a quote by Skye Jethani in an article I wrote entitled I Shop Therefore I Am: Consumerism and Its Impact on Christian Life and Ministry  for Church & Society in Asia Today” – A Periodical concerned with Christian Ministry and Mission in Asia Today.

“My concern is not materialism, strictly speaking, or even the consumption of goods-as contingent beings, we must consume resources to survive. The problem is not consuming to live, but living to consume.”

The opening by Skye on Van Gogh was a great introduction. There’s been a lot of criticism in relation to “Consumer” mindsets on leaders of churches.  Jason Clark is one of the few who daringly has been alerting us about how it has infiltrated those whom are over reacting against so called “institutional” church forms.

I get the sense that underlying many decisions  and conversations Christians make today, after the layers of theological sophistication, or personal rationalizing, there is likely a dose of “consumer” Christianity lurking behind the scenes.  Even if it’s wrong to generalize, but then again, experience tells us this is a big elephant in the room.

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