Random Thoughts at Pangkor Island


The breeze is nice. The beach is so so. All in all it’s nice to get away from busy Kuala Lumpur.

The food last night at Ye Lin’s was awesome.  Looks like we might land up there again tonight.

One thing I enjoyed observing was the kids playing with the sand on the beach.  Elysia as always writing names of people she cares for . lovely to see my name there 🙂

Ewan really enjoyed strolling along the beach, and even sitting on a rock and a tree branch for some photos.

Gareth having loads of fun with his cousins.

Holidays are meant for kids!

For me, I’m glad I managed to plot a little more HOPE last night. It’s hard to do that these days, but we press on.

Looking forward to continue reading on Trinitarian Theology later.

. and take a nap perhaps in between the pages.  Not because it’s boring, but it’s demanding.

I liked the drive to Lumut yesterday.  Passed by Setiawan.  Had some fond memories there speaking at the Methodist TRAC conference YouthQuake years ago. 

The rush to the jetty was quite an adventure. The boat ride was wonderful. so was the father-daughter bonding time.

Had some good extra glue-ing with Ewan so far.  Looking forward for a little bit more with Gareth before we go back.  Gareth’s camera skills have been really good with my older Canon A70.  What’s interests me is more of what interests him 🙂

Holidays are meant for kids . and adults get a chance to join in the fun.

. and find some meaning in what’s important again.

we’re simply too forgetful.

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