Farewell Finale Special 2011

Yes folks … found 3 boxes of books.  so here goes.  A lot of it is from my past life ROFL, but perhaps some might still find it useful in one way or another. ~ Sivin

231. Conspiracy of Kindness – Steve Sjogren ~rm15
232. The Demon-Haunted World – Carl Sagan ~rm10
233. The Biblical Basis of Christian Counselinf for people helpers – Gary Collins ~rm30 (Hardcover)
234. Partners in Prayer – John Maxwell ~rm15
235. Growing Christians in Small Groups – John Mallison ~rm20
236. Real Change Leaders – Jon Katzenbach & the RCL Team ~ rm30
237. Violins of  Change: A prophetic understanding of the process of change – Ian McKellar ~rm20
238. That None should Perish – Ed Silvoso ~rm20
239. Informed Intercession – George Otis Jr. ~rm20
240. Churches that Pray – C. Peter Wagner ~rm15
241. Breaking Strongholds – C. Peter Wagner ~rm15
242. Refresh, renew, Revive: how to encourage your spirit, strengthen your family and energize your ministry – HB London Jr. ~rm15
243. In Search of Stones – M. Scott Peck ~rm25
244. Prophecy, Past and Present – Clifford Hill ~rm10
245. Confronting the Powers – C. Peter Wagner ~rm15
246. Praying with Power – C. Peter Wagner ~rm15
247. Prayer Shield – C.Peter Wagner ~rm5
248. What Return can I make – M.Scott Peck ~rm5
249. The Charismatic Renewal among Lutherans – Larry Christenson ~rm10
250. Evangelism & the Sovereignty of God – J.I.Packer ~rm30
250. The Case for Christ – Lee Strobel ~rm25
251. How small a whisper – Roger Carswell ~rm10
252. Servant Warfare – Steve Sjoren ~rm20
253. I will pour out my spirit: A history & theology of Revivals and Evangelical awakenings – R.E. Davis ~rm5
254. Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis ~rm10
255. Develop the leader within you Workbook – John Maxwell ~rm30
256. Jesus CEO – Laurie Beth Jones ~rm30
257. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (3books) – J.R.R.Tolkien ~rm40
258. Seeing the city with the Eyes of God – Floyd McClung ~rm20
259. An Introduction to Church Music – John Wilson ~rm20
260. The Other side of Pastoral Ministry – Daniel Brown ~rm10
261. Warfare Prayer – C. Peter Wagner ~rm10
262. The 9 to 5 window: how faith can transform the workplace – Os Hillman ~rm20
263. Reliving the Passion: Meditations on the suffering, death & resurrection of Jesus – Walter Wangerin Jr. ~rm15
264. Prayer Walking – Graham Kendrik & John Houghton ~rm10
265. Prophecy in the Local Church – David Pytches ~rm10
266. The sign of four – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle ~rm5
267. Renewing your Spiritual Passion – gordon MacDonald ~rm10
268. Worship God! Exploring the dynamics of psalmic worship – Ernest Gentile ~rm30
269. Lifestyle Worship – John Garmo ~rm10
270. Wrestling with DarkAngels – Editor: C. Peter Wagner & F. Douglas Pennoyer ~rm10
271. Minister’s Little instruction book – Stan Toler ~rm10
272. People power: Life’s lessons on relationships ~rm10
273. Victory over the Darkness: Realizing the power of your identity in Christ – Neil Anderson ~rm10
274. the Bondage breaker – Neil Anderson ~ rm10
275. The gift of the Apostle – David Cannistraci ~rm10


a.  50% of the Sales will go to Bangsar Lutheran Church’s Renovation Fund.

b. All are 2nd hand books, some with a few highlights, and notes by me.  Some are almost brand new!

c. By the time this info is out, some of the books would have already been taken up (booked).  It’s a first come first sold policy (based on when you email me or leave a comment on FB).

d. The collection points are : Luther Centre (PJ) or Father’s House (Bangsar). Sorry no delivery A good time to do it is at Father’s House before 31 January, 2011. And for those who prefer to collect at Luther Centre, I will leave the books with BLC member Clarice Wong on the 6th Floor, Mondays to Fridays 9-5pm.


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