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– Punctuality: It seems that there is a ruling for Malaysians and punctuality. Say, for example I have to go to my friend’s party, which starts at 7 o’clock. Surprisingly, no matter how early I get ready and no matter how early I start leaving my house to go to my friend’s party, I will always arrive there at least half an hour late until as bad as 2 hours late. Its a phenomenon that cannot be seen in other countries. Unique, but very irritating.

I remember a speech I did for Toastmasters entilted “Late-a-holics Anonymous”, even now I find myself a need to be intentional in eradicating this “irritating” Malaysian culture.

All major events I went to the past week … all started late. Reformation Celebration, BLC’s TQF Night, and Sunday Worship Gathering. Thinking back about other appointments I’ve had whether it’s with an individual or group, the tendency is late. For all this Asian Values talk, I think we need to learn from the West & the best of the EAST (of course I heard Japanese are also very Punctual)

Contrast this with German Culture
“If there is one German custom you should learn and stick to, it is punctuality. An invitation for 4pm means EXACTLY 4pm. Not 15 minutes earlier and not 10 minutes later. Fashionably late is not a German custom. Germans, particularly business professionals, are sticklers about being on time. Arriving late will certainly draw a comment and, in a business situation, put you – in German eyes – in a compromised position.

If you realize you are not going to arrive somewhere at the appointed time, the custom is to call and announce you will be late.”

Definition: [n] the quality or habit of adhering to an appointed time

A Christian Perspective on Punctuality
The Character of Punctuality

Other quotes on Punctuality
“The most indispensable quality of a cook is punctuality; it should also be that of a guest.”
Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826) ‘The Physiology of Taste’.

“I have always been punctual at the hour of dinner, for I know that all those whom I kept waiting at that provoling interval would employ those unpleasant moments to sum up my faults.”Nicolas Boileau (-Despreaux) (1636-1711)

“He was always late on principle, his principle being that punctuality is the thief of time.” ~ Oscar Wilde

“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” ~ William Shakespeare

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