What I’ve Been Reading or Read Lately?

Books …
1. Making Sense of the Church by Spencer Burke (just finished it last night, I loved especially the chapter on “Metaphor for life” and am starting to think of what metaphor captures who I am)
2. Models of Contextual Theology by Steven Bevans (a review here Started this because I wanted to really have a sharper focus on what “contextual theologys is about, paused for a moment, now back to it again.)
3. Once and Future Church by Loren Mead (Finished it in a couple of days, gave me some hope that renewal is still possible in an institutional church like my denomination and we can work towards it.)
4. The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions by Marcus J. Borg & N.T. Wright (I must admit Wright was more of the reason I bought this book than Borg but reading the different visions of Jesus expounded by them clarifies my own perception of Jesus and more importantly the meaning he brings to my life as well!)
5. The Divine Drama: Biblical Narrative & Our Narrative by Harry Wendt
6. See Through the Scriptures by Harry Wendt
(I’m a picture person and the Discovery Seminar with Harry Wendt was liberating! So, I’ve been working through some of his pictures in the above three manuals … the pictures opens up my imagination for transformation!)
7. New Horizons in Hermeneutics by Anthony C. Thiselton (wow! this is really heavyweight stuff … I got stuck at the Intro & chapter 1, plan to get back to it soon. This Transforming Bible Reading framework is worth working through … need time!)

Blogs …
He always has some worthwhile interesting posts and links …

Fred Peatross’ recent discussion on Spiritual & church DNA 1, 2 & 3 caught my attention …

Stuff I got Online …
1. Social and Bioethical Statements from the Lutheran Church of Australia
2. Articles from Fulcrum

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