Walking with the Poor

I was delighted when World Vision Malaysia (associated with World Vision International) was going to do a couple of training classes facilitated by Mrs. Grace Goh at the office. It was so timely, as we had just begun the “seed” processes on becoming more involved in our witness through the social dimension. I was attracted to the who series partly because I knew we were going to work through the framework and ideas found in Bryant L. Myers book Walking with the Poor. WV Malaysia included the outline in the invitation email and i was immediately “caught”! It was just good to be a student and listen to someone from another location and perspective.

I left the 1st sessions “shaken” by what I believe are areas that I need to change – especially faulty and hurtful mindsets and even existing behaviours and decisions (or non-decisions) that contribute directly or indirectly to injustice. In short, I was convicted. After that, I talked with May Chin about some things that need to change. Not that the seeds for change were not planted, they just needed extra water, fertilizers and sunshine. And this opening session gave me that.

A noteworthy ending to the half day training was the emphasis on the awareness if my own poverty in the light of all this, i.e. the Poverty of the on-poor. And that sparked me into a couple of directions. Now, it’s focusing all this into daily practice and daily “repentance” (to use a more Christian term) and ongoing “renovation” by the Spirit and the Scriptures.

The “Bigger Picture” was so timely, as I’m also in the process of “refocusing” BLC’s journey inthe light of GOD’s Big Picture. I’m encouraged thought it’s difficult but we are on the right track! I believe GOD is saying to us “Walk on!”

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