Enlightenment from Baby Bath

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Gareth loves water, so far bathing (& swimming) has been “enjoyable” moments for him!

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I realized in this picture the blue bathtub actually enhanced his whole “enjoyable” moment … no bath tub – no “solid” to allow him to enjoy the “liquid” environment.

During these three years and almost a half of journey in and through BLC, I really struggled working through the value of “more formal” (or structured/planned/strategic) meetings like the Sunday Worship gathering, LiFE Group meetings & Learning Classes, etc. in the light of a strong desire to see “more informal” (or spontanous/flexible/creative) relationships develop and grow in our midst so the BLC environment as a people and “church culture” is authentic and real. I keep telling BLC we don’t go to church we are the church! And I really believe it. And as I do so, I don’t want to fall into the trap that our meeting together (especially formally) has not value or minimal value at all. Lutheran’s talk about the “Church Scattered” and the “Church Gathered” .. I found the “Scattered/Gathered” Model a good way to keep the focus right! (To add to the fun – I found this “House”-“Street” Model adapted by Lutheran Theologian Vítor Westhelle another helpful one!)

It’s obvious! I don’t have to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” (BTW, the bathtub is still useful! so don’t have to “throw the bathtub as well!)when it comes to thinking about meeting as a “congregation” (which is often seen more formally, e.g. Sunday Worship Gatherings, LiFE Group meetings, etc) and out side “a congregational” meeting (which is often seen more informally, e.g. three of us having a drink at Bangsar Seafood, a cup of tea at the cafe, etc).

I like the call from Peter Ward to a “network” & “fluid” model of seeing relationships happening as church which he calls “Liquid Church” (Here’s an Intro & an Interview & book review & a cool video) and yet Jason & Jonathan’s critique & cautions are on target – we need “Solid Church” as well!

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