Random Thoughts in the morning after Traditional Fish & Chips last night


Yes, Folks . I’m back in London after maybe 6 or 7 years?

It was hard to resist as the first dinner dish Smile Many thanks to a BLC angel who “swung” by and took me for a nice little walk around Leicester square too.  Totally unplanned as in many little twists and turns in my life.

The Flight was long and unfortunately the handle on the checked-in luggage did not survive, that’s when I learnt that KLM does not compensate for that. Opps!

Lots of memories flooding in especially when I went to a park at Richmond with my sister-in-law and her boys.  Just watching them play and interact was nice, the weather was sunny and the temperature autumn cool. 

As usual, my life is full of mini adventures.  The 20 Pounds supplied by my lovely wife was unfortunately outdated. I almost couldn’t buy my ticket for the train to the hotel I’m staying.  The man at the counter was kind enough to accept it thought. Phew!

Hurt my knee a little while carrying the bigger luggage, and perhaps the angle how I slept on the plane (or try to sleep) didn’t help.  Feels better now, but in a place which requires much walking.  I need it at least in 80% performance mode.

I was intrigued by how many questions I was asked at the borders control when I arrived. Here are some samples:

Why are you here? . Coming for a conference and visit relatives.

Why is your wife not traveling with you? Err . she needs to take care of the kids.

How many kids do you have? hmm. 3 for now. How old are they? . huh? 8, 5 3.

Where are you going after this? . Norway.  Got friends there? . Err. Yes?!

I was also curious because I noticed one man’s passport being seriously examined by one of the officers with a special lens.  I didn’t recall it was that tight 7 years ago. My friend told me that Malaysians seem to be one of the groups who in Cantonese “Jump Aero planes”.  Interesting.

The Gothenburg IV – Ecumenical Conference on Arms Trade London, 28-31 October 2010 will start today.  The schedule is packed.  I wonder whether we will have any breathing time after the day meetings.  Hopefully some. Looking forward to meet one or two people if possible. 

So far, one surprised has happened.  Two are planned.  We’ll see.

I’m glad I managed to Skype with May Chin and the kids last night.  It helps. And I think Ewan was pretty excited to see Papa on the small screen.  He’s full of energy!

it’s going to be 5am.  I woke up around three something.  The sleep was good. Smile

Sure, after the much craved Traditional Fish and Chips  with lots of Vinegar!!!!!

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