Random Thoughts after Toast Bread with Cheese & Garlic


I haven’t seriously blogged much since my Dell Notebook has landed up in “Hospital”.  But I can still make an attempt again with the Dell Desktop at home.

Plan to skip lunch today, maybe will stick with fruits to ease into the Ramadan with my Muslim friends 🙂

Sorting out my books has been fun.  Landed up returning to some pleasant reading on Hermeneutics last night.  The 30+ pages was worth it.  When I finished digesting the two chapters, all my kids were fast asleep while I was wide awake with 101 thoughts floating in my head.

One more day, or maybe a couple more to await for the next step as far as the near future plans are concerned.  I hope I can manage the multiple plates I’m spinning in the midst of all this.

BLC Renovation. LCMS Matters. Family Concerns. Handling the Kit Do-Re-Mi. Uncluttering.  Making sure my GTD system is rebooted properly.  Friends in Conversation stuff. CCM Youth.  Behind the scenes goodies. Hanging out with NECF friends. BLC regular ministry.  And the list goes on.

I’m more aware of my breathing today.  Perhaps today is a good day for a much needed swim in the pool  Note to self: NOT sit in the pool, but swim in the pool! 🙂 ROFL.

I’m increasingly troubled when I get the sense that some religious leaders begin to think of their work as a business expansion exercise.  I also find that when leaders think in terms of sucking resources from others for their own gain albeit camouflaged with spiritual lingo distasteful. What happened to the kingdom of God?  Why have we landed up more about our own kingdoms or even achievements? Beware! For we never know when it will all crash and burn.

After an interview session yesterday, I realized afresh how much I detest bullies.  Bullies in all forms.  I also recalled perhaps the seed experiences which has enabled me not to stereotype people, and appreciate the spectrum found in all communities.

I’m also discovering some areas which require attention in the coming years.  Or maybe it’s more of accepting the change I’ve been going through.  Each of us move through different phases and stages in our journey.  We are never static.  Some areas in my own pilgrimage have expanded.  I was reminded of the hermeneutical spiral last night.  It’s fascinating how reading an academic book draws you to simple daily life.  A quick honest glance at my own history tells me how that spiral has occurred.

No regrets. Painful lessons sure.  But no turning back time to rectify anything.  Every raw material remains that raw, And with that one refines how one understands after listening to the past afresh.

What pulls me forward is the future.  That paradigm is quite different from being pushed from the past.  I need to think about this more today.  Appreciate the past, and yet attracted by the future.

Not bad 🙂 Got some random thoughts blurted out.  I feel better already.

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