whatever comes to mind … random

I conducted my own GrandMa’s Memorial Service last night (the 1st of two).

Found out that these Christian services was indeed and will be a “testimony” & “witness” – like for my cousin niece it’s only the second Christian funeral she has ever attended!

The weather is still so HOT!

A lot of people came …

got some email & sms condolences

had a short “email” reply & exchange with Dr. Hwa Yung about “Tai-Chi”

got am email today initiating a conversation with a pastor who came for my worshop for DREAM Malaysia.

holding Gareth with my left hand now & typing with my right…

some relatives & friends seeing Gareth for the first time last night.

had some more in depth talk with one or two relatives.

sad to know a friend has plunged into trouble again affecting others too.


Gareth trying to wiggle his way out & wondering what i’m doing

May Chin at her friends wedding registration, we’ll miss the dinner tonight.

My Cantonese is urghh .. surviving

enjoy blogging

did some quizes linked by Kiffer .. puzzled with it

May Chin is a fantastic mom! me? a fun dad i think …:-)

John Kit has new glasses that changes colour?!

the family seems ok.

good to have BLC members come to the service .. & other Christians too from EFC (cousin’s church)

about Tai-Chi, a possible Christian response, want more integrated, deeper answer .. hope discussion with Hwa Yung & others may help.

thankful Alwyn Lau can help to take over for this sunday. Loretta & CBC was understanding for today’s session …

help me Lord tonight & tomorrow .. will conduct services alone .. be glorified, touch lives Lord

One thought on “whatever comes to mind … random

  1. Say hi to May Chin for me… ^_^

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