Post-STM Thoughts

Spent half a day at STM, Seremban yesterday. I enjoyed walking through the library and browsing through books on the shelf. Regretted withdrawing my deposits and membership, so paid RM75 to re-activate membership for two books. Anyway, I’ll be coming more frequently if the plans for my Masters works out. Picked up a book on “Ordained” ministry (better get a clear picture of what it means) and “Ecclesiology” (a possible area of interest I might focus on for post-grad work).

Experienced an IONA worship liturgy during the chapel service which was refreshing. The music part kind of distracted it a little (it’s ok, more of inexperience – anyway, nevermind), the message was good though bit too long. In fact, I think it was kind of three mini-messages weaved into one based on Matthew 4 (The tempation of Christ) or the three points can be single messages in themself (maybe my attention span is growing shorter – does that mean I’m growing younger? hehe). I found the feeding each other with a bun after the blessing funny and couldn’t help laughing. It was good to see some old seminary mates (now turned pastors). We were feeding each other while bubbling with smiles and giggles.

Talked to a couple of people. Got two forms for application one for Augy and another for me. It’s good to know, friends can embark on a journey of life-long learning together. It’s kind of like we’re the two fellas on the road to Emmaus. So, I’m looking forward for our eyes to be open to see the Lord’s revelations. We need that so much in times like this, when we’re tempted to take our eyes off that which matters most..

As we learn together, we’re also seeing things in a new light personally. I’ll be doing the text on Saul in Acts 9:1-31 this week. I love the “scales falling off” description. We’ve got lots of scales that need falling off … today’s visit reminded me of that.

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  1. a methodist says:

    RM75 for a pastor who is also an alumni to renew membership to the library? Kinda steep isn’t it? Well, do i need to have my ‘scales removed’in this respect? In any event, making good use of the library is one way to get the most out of RM75 p.a (?)
    Interestingly, i was also at STM last Friday and i was most delightfully surprised by a good sermon. i chuckled when i heard her said, “i have waited for 5 years for this moment” as she began to preach (Not sure if she was suggesting the STM should give the students more opportunities such as that. If she was, i have to agree with her). The student preached a good sermon about handling conflicts within church leadership… very relevant and a good handling of the Word, i thought. Humbled me too- i would not had preached so well. Good feelings…at the thought of STM my alma mater producing God-fearing, good and effective pastors and preachers – To God be the Glory!

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