On the Edge of Chaos

The Father’s House before the “Resurrection” 3 years ago in 2000 (totally chaotic!) , the two coconut trees were “near-death” are now their bearing fruit indeed! We kept the outside characteristics of the building and re-worked the inside quite a bit. (more pictures later!)

“The Key to thriving in such a shifting global climate is to strike a balance between the need for order and the imperative to change. Living systemes tend to locate themselves at the edge of chaos. The edge of chaos is a place where there is enough innovation to keep a living system vibrant, and enough stability to keep it from collapsing into anarchy.” ~ “On the Edge of Chaos: Navigating through Global Changes” by Jonathan Cambell, cultural anthropologist and entrepreneur

Everytime people ask me where is BLC (because people still see church as a place), I tell them “We’re meeting on the edge of Bangsar not where people assume is the most happening place which is kind of the center of Bangsar (where the pubs and restraunts are located)!”.

And I like this old former missionary residence cum church. we’re meeting a two-semi-d house transformed into what we call “the Father’s House” (now with some renovations, cool!). But the meeting place is just a sign & symbol for us as a people to persist in becoming who we believe GOD has called us to be “A New Kind of Church” (a new kind of Christian!) in our generation of chaotic changes!

Cambells comments on Leadership really encouraged me. He ends the article saying:

“Rather than providing answers, leaders have to ask tough questions. Rather than protecting people from outside threats, leaders should let the sting of reality stimulate them to adapt. Instead of orientating people to their current roles, leaders must disorient them so that new relationships can develop. Instead of quelling conflict, leaders should draw the issues out. Instead of maintaining norms, leaders must challenge “the way we do business” and help others distinguish immutable values from the historical practices that have become obsolete.”

As far as I’m concerned, GOD has done a load of that in his leadership to me.

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